Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nothing To Do With Islam

Nothing To Do With Islam

Its very modern and trendy to update yourself and adopt recent trends and fashions and I am very trendy and fashionable so I thought I would follow the same trend as other Politically correct yet morally corrupt people are following “but believe me this has nothing to do with Islam”.

After being blamed by google as “bigot” I thought I would follow the footsteps of “politically correct” people. From now on I would not criticize Islam, I would simply call it terrorist ideology, I would not criticize Quran, I would call it manual for becoming a terrorist. I would not criticize Allah, I would call him Mob Boss and how can I forget the dear beloved paedophile, rapist, murderer, dacoit prophet of Islam, Muhammad. I would not even call him anything it’s beneath my stature to mention him anyway, unless in case of dire need only to make people understand his real character. But again they all have nothing to do with Islam.

Recently when a nanny beheaded a little child, who she was suppose to take care of, in the name of Islam, shouting Allah o Akabar in the streets of Moscow has nothing to do with Islam. Now it has revealed that she had a history of schizophrenia so Islam is again out of picture and schizophrenia is to be blamed for everything done “Not in the name of Islam”.

I would recommend, before every Muslim makes it a habit to blame schizophrenia for his or her heinous crimes, they all should be checked for mental disease history. I guarantee you will find most of them mentally sick. Why, when you create a society in which you keep the men away from women and women away from men and at the same time make “self reliance”(Masturbation) haram , what do you expect. 

When you feel like bursting inside and cant take it anymore then you would rather die in the name of Allah to get to Jannah full of 72 Virgins with heavy bosoms than to go through this agony  on daily basis. Initially I thought women have not been promised anything in Jannah then why they are dying in Jihad. I found out threefold reasons, one, Join ISIS and enjoy many sex partners on earth, Two, fulfill your religious duties, earn some blessings of Allah, three, as per Zakir Naik , meet 72 young hot virgin males to “blow your minds away”( If already had not been blown away by suicide bombing) in Jannah After death. 

Yeah Allah did not promise 72 males to women but the amazing distorter of Quran has personally created this concession for Women in order to make up for the discrepancy left in already sexually sick  religion of  Islam by his beloved Prophet.

I was amazed to see that RT news played a documentary on Prostitution of Young Boys in Afghanistan just almost side by side the news of Muslim Woman beheading the child. According to documentary as women are not easily approachable or available in Afghanistan so they train young boys for dance parties and afterwards pleasuring the Males, sexually, whosoever pays more.

Isn’t it sick when you are doing homo act because of non-availability of women as you cannot suppress your physical desires and not by choice. Muslims deal with this issue daily so they always try to find out some sort of solutions to fulfill their “desires”. Lets check a few examples of the solutions made possible. Indian Muslim man lured the 4 year old girl into his house and satisfied his desire from her but when caught, blamed her of seducing him. This has nothing to do with Islam. Prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and started thighing with her yet noting to do with Islam, it was his personal act.

Seven year old boy dies after being gang raped, another solution to the problem of suppression, happened in Pakistan. To tell you the truth I could not find any example from the life of Prophet Muhammad about raping males. These Muslims who have resorted to this kind of solution of the physical urges seems more Muslims than their own prophet. To use boys is called bacha baaazi and also popular in Iran.When these people who are forced to suppress their needs are exposed to half naked women then “cologne” happens. 

When you( Muslim Clerics) snatch from people in the name of Religion every enjoyment of life and then start to pollute their minds with Paradise full of Sexy Virgins, you make them Sick as you  yourself are or as your prophet was with more than 9 wives at a time other than many sex slaves.

Check the Muslims for schizophrenia, you will find most of them mentally sick because of this unwilling suppression of body needs. Heina Dadabhoy, who is an ex Muslim, says that, when she attained puberty and she started to feel horny about boys she thought something was wrong with her. She thought she was not suppose to feel attraction towards men due to restrictions of her Muslim family. She assumed she should have been lesbian or something but not attracted to the boys, no way. As per her claim she almost tortured herself over this thing.

She is worthy of praise to step up and raise a voice against this phenomenon of ignorant suppression but she is not the only one dealing with this problem, you can understand from her statement that she is representing all of the Muslim youth who are not bold enough to speak against the oppression imposed on them by their families initially and By Islam Ultimately.

But again, this has nothing to do with Islam. It seems as if Islam is some sort of secret code or file only kept in the custody of  president Obama at White House when he claims after every atrocity inflicted by Muslims to explain that “ this has nothing to do with Islam”.Here is a list of quotes of Barrak Hussain Obama about Islam from the secret file of "Real Islam". 

I would like to see that secret file which contains the teachings of "real Islam" as I am sick of reading and quoting “terrorist manual” again and again. Through this article which has nothing to do with Islam. I request President Obama“ before leaving the presidential office, to kindly publish that secret file which contains the teachings of “Real Islam” for the benefit of whole mankind and of course for whole “ womankind” also as they are the direct affectees of the horrors of "Unreal Islam". Wanna support my cause? Send this application to white house. Till next time stay blessed and safe.

Asad Mahmud

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  1. Excellent post. Killing, Stealing and Destroying has nothing to do with islam.