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How Religion Is Producing Foolish Arabs

How Religion Is Producing Foolish Arabs
In my blogs at Exposing Islam and now at Save The Humanity, I mentioned many times that religion of Islam and Sharia is a hurdle in the development of Muslim World at any level In any sector because of too much restrictions Imposed by their Religious clergy and Radical clerics. In this blog post I have compiled a few short videos to show that how Imposition of Sharia and distance from the modern day science is Producing Foolish Arabs with no direction, no high aims in life, no intention of development and continued persistence on following the nonsense Sharia Law and Islam.

But the Positive thing is that some enlightened people from within the Arab countries are now feeling the need of development and freedom from religious oppression which still is uncommon in the Muslim communities living in the West. Now Arab countries want to develop, so they want freedom from Sharia whereas Muslims in Western Countries and their so called Liberal Supporters are demanding the sharia law Which could have disastrous implication on the development of Western countries and can lead them into Pit of destruction and decline. 

This First video is Funny as well as reveals the truth about the fragile nature of Arab Society.

Today I don't want to say a lot about the ignorance of Arab People just because they believe in a doctrine of Ignorance i.e. Quran but the videos will speak more than the words so one by one small short videos.
Arabs have a tendency to follow Quranic and Ahditic science so most of the time they end up discussing and doing, disgusting and foolish things believing that they are fulfilling a very high religious duty which would make them eligible for the Jannah full of whores oh sorry Houris.

Earth Is flat and does not Rotate 
Three short videos on this topic then we move further to the other "Scientific Islamic Discoveries" straight out of Quran.


Camel Urine is a Medicine and Drunk Arabs(In camel Urine)

Hijabi Islam 
1.Hijabi Police
2.Hijabi Spaghetti
Western Liberal Supporting Sharia 
Now watch and remember that this is the end of liberals who support Sharia and Islam, They will end up drinking camel Urine just like this western liberal guy.

This is not all day by day Arab Muslim are discovering new scientific realities through their Quranic Standpoint realities like this...

A competition is going on in Arab society for being Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest but I am afraid that these Arabs will face humiliating defeat at the Hands of The Most Dumbest Politically Correct Liberals and their fellow "Muslim beings" living in the west. By looking at these people it seems as if some humans are still on the way of evolution from apes to Humans.
If anyone of you is interested in supporting sharia and becoming a marvelous scientist then you have to buy a Quran and study it with Translation because Allah knew only one language i.e. Arabic so If you want to follow Allah and His science then "Go Arabic". Till next Time stay Blessed and Safe.

Asad Mahmud 
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