Monday, 29 February 2016

"Don't Expose Us" Say Muslims to Google

"Don't Expose Us" Say Muslims to Google 

Muslims among you should feel happy that my Blog "Exposing Islam" has been restricted by the google due to the flagging of Muslims for "hate speech". I am really grateful to my dear fiend timothy who has created this blog through his own account and given me access to it as right now I cannot create another google account or blogger account from my personal IP address because of restriction imposed by GOOGLE. 

This is the power of Islam whereas on the other hand western nations are enjoying the slumber of ignorance. What was my crime, "telling the truth about Muslims". How do you differentiate truth from hate speech. If something is happening in the world and you tell people about that without adding anything to that its not hate speech. Actually Muslims are too offended by the people who expose them or their prophet.
I was born Muslim but when I understood the real teachings of Islam, I disassociated myself from it.
I don't wanna follow a Rapist, Pedophile, Dacoit Prophet. I don't wanna obey a God who speaks "Arabic only", who hates non-believers, orders Muslims to kill them, cannot bear any other religion, considers women a property of men just for the satisfaction of their carnal or I must say sexual needs and commands them to beat their wives if they refuse to have sex with them.  I am not a genius but even I can  assess that this God, " ALLAH" has no respect for humanitarian values.

You must be wondering whats wrong with me, Why the hell would I speak and stand for the west. Let me explain it to you. I ran from my own country from the radical Islamists  who were bent on killing me for the reason that I raised my voice against the sexual abuse of Religious students by their own Muslims teachers in the religious institutes (madrassas). I am in Ireland right now as an asylum seeker, I find Christians very kind and Human loving people, how they take care of us by keeping us safe, providing food, shelter,medication and some weekly social money at the expense  of the state. After experiencing  this kind of generous behavior of the western people when some Muslims tell me how they hate Christians because quran says so, I feel hurt really bad. The other day some Muslim explained me what he felt about weekly social welfare money. He proudly told me that its a Jizya which Quran orders Muslims to receive from Christians in lieu of the permission given to them by Muslims to practice their religion i.e. Christianity.  I felt disgusted by this kind of sickening behavior. Today I am going to expose here something from different sources about the behavior of Muslims living in the west, now you, readers, be the judge and tell me is it truth or hate speech.

Muslims In the West
Muslims in the west enjoy the social welfare money more then the actual residents of the country. according to Islam one Muslim male can have upto four wives which is a religious permission and was recognized by west as such. So because of this religious concession Muslims have been drawing huge social benefits which are paid by the tax payer residents of the country. According to a report of 2007 British taxpayers are spending £5 Million every year on Muslims only 50% of which are economically inactive and top five groups benefited by the social Money were Muslims of various countries. Lets watch whats happening in US.

In the same way welfare fraud in Norway by Muslims, Watch.

Welfare fraud in Australia by Muslims

This fact is very much in the knowledge of Muslims. Lets watch another video wherein a Muslim clearly admits the Muslims behavior of drawing benefits from the social welfare office by deceiving the western Governments but in the same breath curses the USA. Sick Muslims drawing the social benefits from west and at the same time cursing them because Quran says so.
If this is not enough for you then lets watch another video which clearly explains how Muslims Mosques are being used to spread the hatred among Muslims against Jews and Christians. You will see in this video, Imams preaching hatred for West, why that is not hate speech and my blog is and whats wrong with you western people who do not share my blog but Muslims can flag it. 
Not in the matter of social welfare only but also on other fronts they are ridiculous, here is a footage wherein a female doctor in Sweden telling about her experience regarding Female Muslims' virginity tests and how their relatives force them to go through it.

And here is prompt response on it by Swedish media.
Other than this foolishness Muslims are establishing Sharia courts and No Go Zones where even police cannot enter. Now would you blame me for bigotry , hate speech or hate mongering. I think west need to stand up to the realities which are changing their own values slowly. Facebook is thinking about banning Anti-Islam comments, Denmark has already banned it. Anti Islamic internet sites are categorized as adult sites so no one can easily approach them. Islam is already winning, please don't let it win at the cost of civilization. Please.

Asad Mahmud


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  2. Keep fighting the good fight! I have been banned from multiple subreddits for doing the same thing!

  3. Two can play at this game. I block and report every Moslem I come across. I refuse to give them a platform to spread their propaganda.

    1. That's the spirit....We need an army like you....keep it up.